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The Composition of the Judicial Selection Committee

Second + third reading (in one session)

Preparation for the third & second reading

Preliminary reading

Preparation for the first reading

Status: Passed the first reading on February 21, 2023

What it means: The committee will consist of nine members and the coalition will have an automatic majority – three ministers, three MKs (two from the coalition, one from the opposition), the President of the Supreme Court and two retired judges who will be chosen by the Minister of Justice, with the consent of the President of the Supreme Court.

The current situation: 9 members – 2 ministers, 2 MKs (1 in the coalition, 1 in the opposition), 2 representatives of the Israel Bar Association, 3 Supreme Court Judges who are chosen internally, not by the Minister.

No one has an automatic majority.

Appointing a Supreme Court Judge–a majority of 7 out of 9; for the rest of the courts–an ordinary majority.