Striking Down Ordinary Laws

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Preparation for the first reading

First reading

Second + third reading (in one session)

Status: Passed the preliminary reading on February 21, 2023


Explanation: This is a private bill by Rotman that passed the preliminary reading. He pushed for a similar bill in the Constitution Committee.


What this means: To strike down laws, the High Court of Justice must have a 12-judge majority out of a full panel of all 15 Supreme Court judges, and the law must “clearly contradict” a basic law. This is yet another piece of legislation intended to give the government and the coalition unlimited power.


The current situation: Since the enactment of the Human Dignity and Liberty Law in the 1990s, the High Court of Justice struck down only 22 laws out of many thousands.

Critical discussions are held before an extended–but not a full–panel. Currently, no special majority of judges is necessary–a regular majority is sufficient.