The Police’s Subordination to the Elected Authorities​

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Preliminary reading

First reading

Second + third reading (in one session)

Status: First Reading

The explanations: According to Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir, who had submitted the bill, policy-making by elected officials is a “fundamental principle of democracy”. According to him, the amendment aims to apply the same legal framework to the police as the army, which is subject to the minister of defense and to government resolutions.

What it means: The bill will diminish the police’s independence and pave the way for the Minister of National Security’s political influence on its work. Subordinating the police to the minister may impair the police’s ability to investigate corruption in the government.

Tthe Legal Advisor to the Government denied the comparison to the army, as the army’s role is to handle enemies, while the police works with the civilian population and its duty is to enforce the law–including on public figures.