Israel's Struggle for Democracy:

The Fight against the Emerging Dictatorship

Why are we protesting?

Mika Almog is an Israeli writer, journalist, and political activist.

She is also the granddaughter of the late Shimon Peres.

State of the Legislation of the Political Coup

As a response to the new government’s attempt to establish the so called REFORM

Group by group, the Israeli public rises and joins the protest against the coup d’état

Resistance groups

The DAMAGE to Israel's foreign relations


Macron to Netanyahu:

“If the legal reform passes – we will conclude that Israel has broken away from democracy”


German chancellor is concerned about legal reform;

Hundreds of demonstrators in Berlin

European Union

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the European Union: “The reform may affect the way the Union regards Israel”

The United States

Biden in an unusual statement: “Israel cannot continue on this path.

I will not invite Netanyahu anytime soon”

United Arab Emirates

In light of the uproar over National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir’s ascension to the Temple Mount, what was supposed to be Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to the United Arab Emirates has been postponed and the invitation has yet to be extended

The United Kingdom

After refusing to stop the legislation, the Prime Minister arrived in London with his wife and spent 50 minutes with Rishi Sunak – while hundreds of Israelis protested outside.

In the recording of the departure of his motorcade, cries of “shame” were heard. In an unusual move, the British canceled joint statements. Sunak expressed concern about the legal revolution , an Israeli source claimed: “He talked about it for a minute”