The Legal Reform: You Ask – The Jurists Answer

Why do you call the judicial reform a political coup? And why do you call it a dictatorship, when they didn’t cancel the elections?


To avoid giving the government unlimited power, democracy is based on having three separate powers.

The separation of powers is at the foundation of democracy: the legislative branch (the Knesset), the executive branch (the government), and the judiciary (the court).
However, Israel effectively has two branches: the government (the executive) controls the Knesset (the legislator). The only branch that can keep the government in check is the judiciary. If the reform is successful and the people behind it have their way, we will have one branch – the government. Unrestrained, with unlimited power. This is the definition of a dictatorship. This is how Israel will change from a democracy to a dictatorship.

What about the “majority rule” in a democracy?

How come the judges appoint themselves?

And how come judges, who are not elected,

can cancel the laws passed by an elected Knesset?


We answer all these questions and more in this booklet we have made for you: