“Your partners in Israel are in the protest movement, not in the government” – a letter from the protest leaders to the Federation of Jewish Communities

“We are disappointed by your decision to welcome Prime Minister Netanyahu and MK Simcha Rothman to the Annual Conference of the JFNA (Federation of Jewish Communities of North America). We believe they will use the invitation you extended them to spread lies and incitement against the struggle to save Israel’s democracy”
A letter sent to the Presidium of the JFNA tonight, in response to the decision to hold their annual conference in Jerusalem as usual, and – despite the political coup – invite Netanyahu and Rothman to the ceremony.

This year, the Jewish Federations of North America will hold the organization’s General Assembly in Tel Aviv. The conference will be held this year to mark the 75th anniversary of Israel’s independence. But this year is not an ordinary year, and Israel is going through a political coup that raises widespread conflict and is tearing the nation apart.
Once it transpired that JFNA decided to continue, business as usual, and even invite Netanyahu and Rothman (unxeptable.org – Israelis overseas for Israel’s democracy) hurried to petition with them to withdraw the invitation extended to the leaders of the political coup. The request was denied, and so, a letter was sent tonight from the struggle movements to the Heads of the Federation:

This morning, there will be a march from the International Convention Center to the Supreme Court, with 100 Democrat delegates who are participating in the conference, to express their solidarity with the protest against the political coup in Israel.

Later, they will also be joined by Republican delegates, and of course, protestors from the protest organizations will march with them.

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