Opposition Groups

The first one to do so was a group of lawyers, who organized to explain the override clause, i.e., the proposed legislation giving the Knesset the power to override Supreme Court rulings, and the danger of its destroying the judiciary system. Immediately after them, a larger group of lawyers and law students organized as “The Black Robes” to oppose the law. Then came students, hi-techies, and doctors…. More and more groups and sectors of society organized to oppose the authoritarian coup and the draconian edicts stemming from the new government’s coalition agreements and policies.

On Thursday, at 1:00 p.m., we’ll gather in front of the Tel Aviv District Court, in a symbolic strike and demonstration for an independent judiciary, and against it subordination to politicians.

This is the first step, and we’ll intensify our actions as we go on.

You’re all asked to come, wearing your black robes.

Right now, there are more than 600 lawyers in our group. We are asking you all to come and spread the word to all of your colleagues and friends.

We will contact all the regional Bar Associations, from the North to the South, to organize as well and hold similar events at their district courts.

The more people who participate, the greater the effect of the demonstrations.


The first event organized by the Black Robes

חתמת על גילוי דעת / עצומה / מסמך התנגדות ורוצה להוסיף לרשימה?

כאן המקום

The first event organized by the Black Robes

The Black Robes

The Students' Protests

Some 7,000 students in 19 institutions of higher education left their classes for an hour and held protests against the authoritarian coup. Since then, they continue to fight for democracy

Hi-Tech Protest

Letter from Hi-tech leaders and senior executives, participating as an organized group in demonstrations, and more

We organized 3,000 mental health professionals into a group called There Is No Mental Health Without Democracy. On Saturday night, on Kaplan St., we'll appear as an organized group for the first time

Mental Health Professionals

This is NOT our Zionism

We are religious Zionist youth, and want to raise our voices and express ourselves, the way our forefathers did, about this terrible desecration of the Name that is taking place now. The Torah of Israel is being presented as the source to justify racism, discrimination and the sowing of hatred between groups of the Jewish nation.


Our fight is a religious one. A fight about the face of Judaism, about the face of divine Israel.


What is presented today as the Torah of religious Zionism is a Torah of zealotry that can destroy the Third Commonwealth.

That is not our Torah. That is not our religious Zionism”

The Religious Zionists